Considerations When Planning to Buy Used Commercial Floor Scrubbing Equipment

Floor scrubbing equipment built for commercial and industrial use provides powerful cleaning for dirty surfaces. The two main types are walk-behind models and ride-on sweepers. Business owners and purchasing managers may want to consider used floor scrubbers in good working order to help save money. Buying new can have a big negative effect on money available for other purchases.

Age Considerations

When buying used floor scrubbers from a company such as Total Clean Equipment, the purchasers should choose products that are only a few years old. The machines have lost some market value since they are no longer new, but they still work very effectively. Technicians and mechanics with this type of organization can provide the maintenance and repair work to keep the equipment running for many years to come. As with other machinery, routine maintenance is crucial to prevent breakdowns and extend the lifespan of the equipment.

An important consideration when looking at a used floor scrubber for sale is whether its age means it doesn't have some of the later, more desirable features. Getting a newer model usually means spending a bit more money, but this can be well worth if certain features are particularly appealing. If the budget is very tight, however, an older device will still get the job done, making the floors look shiny and impressive.

Level of Work Demand

Another consideration is how much demand will be put on the equipment. Some businesses need heavy-duty refurbished floor scrubbers because their level of foot traffic is high. A retail store with hundreds, or even thousands, of people coming through every day is an example.

Other businesses need this kind of machinery because the jobs done on the floor generate dirt and stains. An automotive garage qualifies. Some of the older, one-person shops don't bother, but dealerships and big garages with numerous automotive technicians generally want their floors to look virtually spotless. This may indicate a certain level of professionalism and care for the appearance of the place.

Increased Flexibility and Productivity

Owning one of these machines provides greater flexibility for the tasks than outsourcing the work to a cleaning service does. It will be essential to train the employees who will be responsible for floor cleaning. In a large corporation, they may be part of the full-time custodial staff. Although there is an upfront cost when buying the scrubber, the extra productivity and time-saving aspects will be remarkable compared to cleaning floors with manual equipment.